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Dr. Izet M. Kapetanovic, PhD, is a pharmacologist/toxicologist with over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and development, life sciences, conducting and managing laboratory research and translational research programs, and administering and managing research programs and contracts. He has been personally involved in the drug development process from early laboratory discovery, screening, and mechanism studies, to early clinical studies. He has published extensively in major peer reviewed scientific journals, made numerous presentations at major scientific meetings, and serves frequently as a reviewer for journals in these areas, as well as journal editorial boards. He is actively involved in different aspects and disciplines of drug development. Additionally, he effectively interacts with different groups in the process, including having coordinated collaborative metabolism and toxicity projects involving NIH, FDA, academia, and pharmaceutical industry. Presently, he is actively involved in the preclinical drug development of cancer chemopreventive drugs, including the translational PREVENT Program.

Izet Kapetanović

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Drug discovery and development process aims to make available medications that are safe and effective in improving the length and quality of life and relieving pain and suffering. However, the process is very complex, time consuming, resource intensive, requiring multi-disciplinary expertise and innovative approaches. There is a growing urgency to identify and develop more effective, efficient, and expedient ways to bring safe and effective products to the market. The drug discovery and development process relies on the utilization of relevant and robust tools, methods, models, and validated biomarkers that are predictive of clinical effects in terms of diagnosis, prevention, therapy, and prognosis. There is a growing emphasis on translational research, a bidirectional bench to the bedside approach, in an effort to improve the process efficiency and the need for further innovations. The authors in the book discuss the current and evolving state of drug discovery and development.

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