Zbigniew Piotr Szadkowski

University of Łódź

Dr. Szadkowski completed his Ph.D. with a thesis 'Quarks mixing in chiral symmetries SU4 x SU4 and SU6 x SU6”. Habilitation: „Triggers in the Pierre Auger Observatory: Designs, Implementation and the Impact on the Experimental Results”. Development of the FPGA-based 2nd level trigger for 24 fluorescence detectors and 1st level trigger for 1660 surface detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory, FPGA based filters suppressing radio-frequency interferences (RFI) in radio detector of Auger Engineering Radio Array, FPGA based triggers for the Auger surface detectors dedicated for a recognition of very inclined EAS induced by 'old” proton showers or 'young” neutrino showers. Dr. Szadkowski has worked as a research scientist in Michigan Technological University, Associate Professor in College de France, Senior Wissenschaftler, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, and currently is working as the head of the Department of High-Energy Astrophysics and as an Associate Professor at the University of Łódź.

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Measurements in present experiments have dramatically advanced our understanding of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays. The suppression of the flux at the highest energies is now confirmed without any doubt, and strong limits have been placed on the photon and neutrino components. There are indications for a small, large-scale anisotropy both below and above the energy of the angle and for a correlation on smaller angular scales at E > 5.5*1019 eV. Around 3*1018 eV, there is a distinct change of slope with energy, and the shower-to-shower variance decreases. Interpreted with the leading LHC-tuned shower models, this implies a gradual shift to a heavier composition, and a number of fundamentally different astrophysical model scenarios have been developed to describe this evolution.

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