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Jay Maddock, Ph.D., FAAHB is Professor and Director of the Office of Public Health Studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and Luojia Chair Professor at Wuhan University. Professor Maddock has extensive experience in system, environmental and policy research to improve population level risk factors for chronic disease. Dr. Maddock chaired the state board of health and was a charter member of the NIH study section on Community-Level Health Promotion. He is an author of over 75 scientific articles. He is the Honorary Secretary for the Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health. His research has been featured in several national magazines including Eating Well, Prevention and Good Housekeeping.

Jay Maddock

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Public health can be thought of as a series of complex systems. Many things that individual living in high income countries take for granted like the control of infectious disease, clean, potable water, low infant mortality rates require a high functioning systems comprised of numerous actors, locations and interactions to work. Many people only notice public health when that system fails. This book explores several systems in public health including aspects of the food system, health care system and emerging issues including waste minimization in nanosilver. Several chapters address global health concerns including non-communicable disease prevention, poverty and health-longevity medicine. The book also presents several novel methodologies for better modeling and assessment of essential public health issues.

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