Alice Elizabeth Gonzalez

Universidad de la Republica

Alice Elizabeth Gonzalez is an Uruguayan researcher who has had particular impact on the development and consolidation of academic research on Environmental Engineering in Uruguay. She obtained her Degree in Civil Engineering (specialized in Sanitary and Hydraulics) in 1989 at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de la Republica (UdelaR) in Uruguay. She finished her Doctorate in Environmental Engineering in March of 2000; it was the first that has granted the UdelaR. She began working at the University in 1989, several months before her graduation. Her current position is as Professor and Senior Researcher of the Department of Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering (UdelaR). Although she has a very active professional life, she is exclusively dedicated to the University from 2009. She has conducted about forty academic teams; she is also author/coauthor of more than one hundred scientific papers and a dozen of books and book chapters.

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