Noor Ahmed

UNSW Sydney Australia

Professor N.A. Ahmed obtained his PhD (1989) from Cranfield University, UK. He is currently the Head of Aerospace Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Prior to this he worked as Senior Design Engineer at Kent Industrial Measurements, UK and as Manager of Low Speed Compressor Test Facility, UK the largest such industrial research facility in Europe. He is involved with Aerodynamics research with a bias towards environmentally friendly outcomes. He has developed novel flow control techniques, advanced flow diagnostic techniques, designed several wind tunnels and prize winning commercial fluid mechanical products of international acclaim. He has published well over 150 journal and conference papers and is regularly invited to give plenary/keynote lectures at different international conferences.

Noor Ahmed

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The adverse impacts from excess noise on human health and daily activities have accelerated at an alarming rate over the last few decades. This has prompted significant research into noise attenuation and mitigation of these unwanted effects. This book is a collection of works from eminent researchers from around the world, who address the aforementioned issues. It provides the most up-to-date information on current work being conducted in the field of noise pollution and is of value to a wide range of students, engineers, scientists and industry consultants who wish to further understand current methodologies and emerging concepts.

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