Amit Nagal

Birla Institute of Scientific Research India

Dr. Amit Nagal is a Bioinformatics scientist in the area of rational drug design and Next- generation sequencing data analysis. He is currently working in Ocimum Biosolution, India and has several years of experience in this field. So far he had published several papers in peer reviewed journals and has presented on many international symposiums. Dr. Nagal has done his thesis on computational and molecular aspects of lens regeneration under the influence of retinoid, explaining how retinoid and their derivatives interact with Retinoid X receptor (Rxr alpha) and in line with that he developed lens regeneration tools and a database. He also worked on development of Target and lead based modern lead designing pipeline where he used a novel QSAR ranking method with help of a support vector machine algorithm to classify scaffold and their biological activity. The main aim of this project is to develop a unique platform in the area of computer aided molecule design. Currently he is working on Next-generation sequencing data analysis and he is a member of ISCB and HUGO organization.

Amit Nagal

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"Inflammatory Diseases - A Modern Perspective" represents an extended and thoroughly revised collection of papers on inflammation. This book explores a wide range of topics relevant to inflammation and inflammatory diseases while its main objective is to help in understanding the molecular mechanism and a concrete review of inflammation. One of the interesting things about this book is its diversity in topics which include pharmacology, medicine, rational drug design, microbiology and biochemistry. Each topic focuses on inflammation and its related disease thus giving a unique platform which integrates all the useful information regarding inflammation.

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