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On March 14, 2014 (aged 68), Witold Kosiński, a professor at the Polish-Japanese College of Information Technology (Warsaw) and at the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, a mathematician and computer scientist, a specialist in the field of applications of mathematics and mathematical methods of computer science, died in Warsaw. , a member of the Polish Mathematical Society from 1979. kj / 18-03-2014 Professor Kosinski was born in 1946 in Krakow. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, which he graduated in 1969 with a master's degree in mathematics. On December 1, 1972, he obtained the title of doctor of technical sciences at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. And there, twelve years later, on December 1, 1984, he received the title of habilitated doctor of technical sciences. The title of professor of technical sciences, was given to Witold Kosinski on December 27, 1993. From graduating until 2001, he worked at the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Technology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, and since 1999 also at the Polish-Japanese College of Information Technology in Warsaw and at the Bydgoszcz Academy in 1996-2003 and later since 2005 at the University of Kazimierz the Great in Bydgoszcz. In PJWSTK he held the post of deputy rector for research for six years (1999-2005). In the seventies of the last century Witold Kosinski was a scholarship holder of the National Science Foundation at Iowa University, USA. And in the eighties, scholarship holder of the Fundacja im. Alex von Humboldt in the universities of Bonn, Heidelberg and Darmstadt, Germany. In the later period of his professional work, he was invited as a visiting professor to foreign research centers, including in France and the USA. Professor Kosiński's research interests included two areas: mathematics used in technical sciences, in particular in the mechanics of continuum and thermodynamics, and the mathematical foundations of computer science with particular emphasis on computational intelligence, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. Author of over 120 scientific articles, 2 monographs and co-editor of several volumes of collective works. He promoted 11 doctors. In the years 2000-2011, Witold Kosiński was the editor-in-chief of PTM - Applied Mathematics. Funeral ceremonies to be held on March 21, 2014 (Friday) in Warsaw will begin at 12:00 in the church of St. Karol Boromeusz at ul. Powązkowska 14

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With the recent trends towards massive data sets and significant computational power, combined with evolutionary algorithmic advances evolutionary computation is becoming much more relevant to practice. Aim of the book is to present recent improvements, innovative ideas and concepts in a part of a huge EA field.

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