Joseph Mizrahi

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Professor Emeritus J. Mizrahi is a faculty member of the Technion BME Department. He received his BSc in Aerospace Engineering; MSc in Mechanics; and PhD in Biomedical Engineering, all from the Technion. He was Chair-Professor and served as Head of the BME Department for 5 years. He has also held positions with the Universities of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, Cape Town, Harvard, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Drexel and NCKU University in Taiwan. He has headed for 18 years the Biomechanics Laboratory at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center in Ra'anana, Israel. His research interests, in Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Neuro-Engineering, include: musculo-skeletal mechanics; muscle/bone interactions; muscle fatigue; Functional Electrical Stimulation of excitable tissues; tissue engineering, musculo-skeletal redundancies and mechanical indeterminacies. He has authored some 250 publications, including journal papers, conference proceedings, book chapters and 3 books.

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Numerous problems in engineering and biology can be described, characterized, and analyzed in kinematics terms. In classical machinery and robotics the most distinctive characteristic is constrained motion of multi-degree-of-freedom kinematic chains. Robotic arms and manipulators have become essential devices in industrial applications and medicine. This book provides the reader with an updated look at the current trends in kinematics methods and applications. Section 1 deals with kinematics of linkages and includes analysis of cam mechanisms and transformation of rotary motion into oscillation. Section 2 covers compliant mechanisms, whereby elastically deformable parts are part of the mechanism. Finally, Section 3 deals with kinematics of spacecrafts and satellites in the contexts of global navigation systems and of space robot analysis.

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