Ke Xu

Tianjin Medical University General Hospital

Professor Ke Xu earned his BSc degree in Microbiology from Nankai University (China), and his Ph.D. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Essex (UK). He completed his postdoctoral training at the Institute of Cancer Research (UK), studying on the induction of leukemia cell apoptosis and differentiation. Professor Ke Xu carried out his research fellowship at Imperial College London (UK), investigating gene targeting and lung cancer. He joined the Tianjin Lung Cancer Institute of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital (China) in 2007 as a principle investigator to establish an independent research group, studying the molecular mechanism of metastasis and chemoresistance of lung cancer. He also develops novel chemical compounds to interfere with key cancer promoting pathways. Professor Ke Xu is an active member of American Association for Cancer Research, European Association for Cancer Research, American Society for Cell Biology, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Chinese Society for Cell Biology, and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association.

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Metastasis is the major cause of cancer-related death. It is a multistep process. The mechanism underlying metastasis is complicated and poorly understood. Recent advances in tumor metastasis research have led to improved diagnosis and clinical management of cancer. However, new strategies on metastasis treatment are urgently needed, especially the novel biomarkers discovery and targeted therapy. This book is designed to present the most recent advances in tumor metastasis.

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