Milad Manafi

Malayer UniversityIran

Dr. Milad Manafi is Associate Professor of the Department of Animal Science at Malayer University (Iran) since 2009. His research interests are poultry nutrition, digestive physiology, poultry production and management, development of digestive function in poultry and other farm animals, as well as mycotoxins in poultry feed and mycotoxin resistant chickens. He has co-authored more than 70 scientific publications and presentations.

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Artificial insemination is used instead of natural mating for reproduction purposes and its chief priority is that the desirable characteristics of a bull or other male livestock animal can be passed on more quickly and to more progeny than if that animal is mated with females in a natural fashion. This book contains under one cover 16 chapters of concise, up-to-date information on artificial insemination in buffalos, ewes, pigs, swine, sheep, goats, pigs and dogs. Cryopreservation effect on sperm quality and fertility, new method and diagnostic test in semen analysis, management factors affecting fertility after cervical insemination, factors of non-infectious nature affecting the fertility, fatty acids effects on reproductive performance of ruminants, particularities of bovine artificial insemination, sperm preparation techniques and reproductive endocrinology diseases are described. This book will explain the advantages and disadvantages of using AI, the various methodologies used in different species, and how AI can be used to improve reproductive efficiency in farm animals.

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