Milad Manafi

Malayer University Iran

Dr. Milad Manafi is Associate Professor of the Department of Animal Science at Malayer University (Iran) since 2009. His research interests are poultry nutrition, digestive physiology, poultry production and management, development of digestive function in poultry and other farm animals, as well as mycotoxins in poultry feed and mycotoxin resistant chickens. He has co-authored more than 70 scientific publications and presentations.

Milad Manafi

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When it comes to life science and specially by considering animal-origin protein, one of the main topics to gain importance with respect to human nutrition and health is poultry science. This book presents an introductory overview to the different fields/branches of poultry science with four main divisions: different feed resources for poultry, biofilms of salmonella and campylobacter in the poultry industry, prevention of different contaminants in modern poultry farms, and mycotoxins in poultry feed. This book will be beneficial for the graduate students, teachers, researchers, farmers, and other professionals, who are interested to fortify and expand their knowledge about chicken products in fields of poultry science, biotechnology, plant science, and agriculture.

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