László Babinszky

University of Debrecen

László Babinszky is a professor of animal nutrition. Currently, he is a professor emeritus at the University of Debrecen and from the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Kaposvár Campus, Hungary. He earned his Ph.D. degree from Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. Dr. Babinszky authored more than 300 publications (papers, book chapters) and edited 4 printed books, and authored and edited 4 e-books. He is a member of various international committees and journal editorial boards.

László Babinszky

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The world’s population is growing rapidly and consequently, there is an increasing demand for high-quality and safe food. At the same time, agricultural areas are diminishing due to industrialization, among other factors. Therefore, the efficiency of animal production needs to be improved. This book examines animal nutrition and ways to improve it. Topics covered include the use of feed additives in poultry nutrition, silage in dairy cattle nutrition, plant-origin feed additives in water buffalo nutrition, microbial inoculation in dairy cow nutrition, and more.

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