Samir I. Abu-Eishah

United Arab Emirates UniversityUnited Arab Emirates

I have over 32 years of experience at four different universities (Jordan University of Science & Technology, University of Jordan, University of Bahrain and currently, UAE University). I have taught Process Modeling & Simulation, Process and Plant Design and Process Optimization. In addition I taught other core and specialized courses in chemical engineering, for example, Operations Research, Process Control, Advanced Process Control, and Petroleum Refining Engineering. I have developed laptop teaching material for Process Modeling & Simulation, Process and Plant Design and Petroleum Refining Engineering. I have supervised many graduation projects on gas processing (e.g., Aromatic Emission Minimization, Design and Application of Hydrocarbons’ Vapor Recovery Unit, Design of a Sour Natural Gas Processing Facility in Abu Dhabi). I have supervised term projects on energy integration through the Process & Plant Design course. My PhD thesis was on: Design and Control of a Two-Column Distillation Process for the Separation of Homogeneous Binary Azeotropic Mixtures. The first publication on that subject appeared in 1985. My PhD thesis is a mix of process modeling, simulation, energy integration, process optimization, process design, and process control. I have also published, among others, several papers on vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria and prediction of critical properties of binary fluid mixtures with emphasis on hydrocarbon/gas mixtures. I have supervised 9 M.Sc. theses (7 in Jordan and 4 in UAE) in addition to other graduate and term projects and I was a member of the examining committee of many M.Sc. theses (CHE, ME, Chemistry, Environmental Science Master Program, and Water Resources Master Program) and an examiner in the qualifying exam for PhD students. I also supervised, among other works, a thesis on “Investigation on the Minimization of SO2 Emissions at Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited (ADGAS) and Its Impact on Ambient Air Quality” and published two papers on that subject. In addition, I have supervised many graduation projects during my career (and examiner of many others) that include process modeling, simulation, design and control as applied to oil and natural gas processing. I am the reviewer for many international scientific journals and associate editor of the Emirates Journal for Scientific Research (UAE University). I have over 300 citations for my published research in peer-reviewed journals. I have concentrated in my research on process modeling and simulation of chemical processes. I have organized and offered short courses on process modeling and simulation, process safety, risk assessment and analysis, and several others that are related to hydrocarbons processing and handling. I have been serving the community in many aspects at the various locations during my career. I have been a member of national committees (Standards and Codes, Non-CFC Standards, Jury Expert for Industrial Claims). I also supervised training at different industrial and professional entities. I have built a very good record with industry and received grants from different industries in Jordan (Jordan Phosphate Mines Co. and Arab Potash Co.) In the UAE I have received grants from (UAE University, General Holding Corporation for work on steel slag in cement manufacturing, Doosan Heavy Industries on desalination plants, Ministry of Presidential Affairs on Horizon for Petrochemicals in UAE, and recently from Emirates Foundation on photocatalytic conversion of CO2 back to hydrocarbons using TiO2 nanocatalyst and UV and/or visible light). I also received international grants from Japan Petroleum Institute and from Overseas Development Administration in Britain). I have been very competitive in getting research funding at the interdisciplinary and national levels and I am willing to engage myself in collaborative research, outstanding scholarly activities that will lead to national, regional and international recognition. In this regards, I have published 2 chapters in two books by Intech Open Access on “Ionic Liquids: Recycling for Reuse” in 2011 and \Utilization of Ionic Liquids in Wood and Wood-Related Applications — A Review\ in 2015

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