John Cuppoletti

University of Cincinnati United States of America

Dr. Cuppoletti is Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at the University of Cincinnati. (Ph.D. 1977 University of California, Davis). His research interests include pumps, carriers, and ion channels of the epithelia. In recent years, potassium and chloride channel regulation, pharmacology, and molecular engineering have become increasingly important tools with which to study the functional mechanisms of these proteins. More recently, as the X-ray crystal structures of these proteins have become available, it has become possible to combine these types of studies with computational chemistry approaches in attempts to understand how the structure relates to the function of these proteins. These transport proteins have been placed into synthetic membranes in order to obtain more detailed information regarding protein function that cannot be obtained from purely biological membranes. The natural and engineered proteins in these membranes are functional, and have led to the development of many interesting devices. Examples include drug screening devices, devices for identification of toxic bacterial products, and membranes for use in fuel cells.

John Cuppoletti

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This book contains chapters on nanocomposites for engineering hard materials for high performance aircraft, rocket and automobile use, using laser pulses to form metal coatings on glass and quartz, and also tungsten carbide-cobalt nanoparticles using high voltage discharges. A major section of this book is largely devoted to chapters outlining and applying analytic methods needed for studies of nanocomposites. As such, this book will serve as good resource for such analytic methods.

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