Gabrijel Ondrasek

University of Zagreb

Dr. Ondrasek is currently employed as a full professor and head of Department of Soil Amelioration at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (UZFA), Croatia. His academic and scientific opus is orientated towards sustainable management of natural resources (water, soils) in the (agro)ecosystems, notably exposed to disturbed water balance on the soil-plant route, excessive salinity, (in)organic contamination, and their environmental implications. He edited one academic book, one scientific book (Intech) and published 15 book chapters (Intech, Springer, Elsevier) and >30 scientific papers (Scopus). During his professional career he spent almost three years abroad at eminent Australian, European and Latin American academic institutions and centres of excellence.

2books edited

5chapters authored

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The agroecosystem is one of the most fascinating, purposely human-created functional units, by which human species made a huge leap from predators and nomads to food growers (agriculturists). Irrigation is one of the oldest and still one of the most effective agricultural practices for providing continuous and quality foodstuffs.

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