Petronia Carillo

University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"Italy

NAME: Petronia Carillo. Birth place and date: Napoli (Italy) - February 14th, 1969. Higher Education, Research and Teaching: •1992 - Graduated with distinction in Biology at the University of Naples “Federico II”. •1992 - 1996 PhD student in the laboratory of Plant Physiology, Department of Plant Biology, University of Naples “Federico II”, carrying out a study about the relationship between nitrogen and carbon metabolism in plant cell. •1996 - Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from the University of Naples “Federico II”. •1997 - 1998 frequent visitor of Department of Plant Biology, University of Naples “Federico II”, carrying out a research about the effect of sulphur deprivation on growth, respiration, photosynthesis, NH4+ uptake and starch metabolism in a green alga (Chlorella sorokiniana). •1999 - 2010 Research Associate (permanent) in Plant Physiology in the Department of Life Sciences of the Second University of Naples from. •2000 - 2001 Visiting scientist in the Botanical Institute of Heidelberg (Prof. Mark Stitt laboratory). •2000 - 2005 Member of the PhD School in “Biological Processes and Biomolecules”. •2000 â€' 2010 Lecturer of Plant Biochemistry at the Science Faculty of the Second University of Naples. •2001 â€' 2010 Visiting scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiolgy, Golm (Berlin). •2003 - 2005 Lecturer of Ecophysiological Methods at the Science Faculty of the Second University of Naples. •2003 â€' 2006 Responsible for the line WP4.B Patato for Industry of activity 4.1.B determination of macro and micronutrients - Centro Regionale di Competenza Produzioni Agroalimentari della Regione Campania. - (P. O. R. 2000-2006, misura 3.16). •2004 â€' 2005 Responsible for the project “Tolerance of cereals to nutritional and salinity stresses: role of nitrate in regulation of compatible solutes biosynthesis”. L.R.5/02- annualità 2002. •2004 - 2005 Lecturer of Plant Cultures and Biotechnological Applications at the Biotechnology Faculty of the Second University of Naples. •2004 â€' 2010 Referee for Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry •2005 - 2010 Member of the PhD School in “Resources and Environment” •2006 â€' 2010 Lecturer of Ecophysiology and Applications at the Science Faculty of the Second University of Naples. •2007 â€' 2010 Referee for New Phytologist •2007 â€' 2010 Lecturer of General Biology at the Pharmacy Faculty of the Second University of Naples. •2007 â€' 2010 Organiser of the Erasmus-Socrates program for the Courses of Study in Biology at the Second University of Naples •2008 â€' 2009 Responsible for the project “Sulphur nutrition and salt stress in durum wheat plants”. L.R.5/02- annualità 2006. •2008 â€' 2010 Referee for European projects •2010 â€' Professorship (associate professor) of Plant Physiology The research interests of Petronia Carillo are primarily centred on the interactions between nitrogen assimilation and carbon metabolism, and their short-term and long-term control mechanisms in photosynthetic organisms (unicellular algae and plants). At present, the main focus is metabolite profiling of durum wheat, maize and potato under salt and water stress. As visiting scientist of Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiolgy of Potsdam (Germany), Dr. Carillo has been involved in the development of i) new high-throughput methods to measure enzyme activities and metabolites in plants using a robot-based platform, and ii) enzymatic and mass-spectrometric methods for the determination of trehalose 6-phosphate and trehalose in plants. Significant publications: 1.- STITT M., MüLLER C., MATT P., GIBON Y., Carillo P., MORCUENDE R., SCHEIBLE W-R. and KRAPP A. 2002 - Steps towards an integrated view of nitrogen metabolism. Journal of Experimental Botany. 53(370): 959-970. 2.- YVES GIBON, OLIVER E. BLAESING, JAN HANNEMANN, PETRONIA CARILLO, MELANIE HOEHNE, JANNEKE H.M. HENDRIKS, NATALIA PALACIOS-ROJAS, JOANNA CROSS, JOACHIM SELBIG, AND MARK STITT 2004 - A Robot-Based Platform to Measure Multiple Enzyme Activities in Arabidopsis Using a Set of Cycling Assays: Comparison of Changes of Enzyme Activities and Transcript Levels during Diurnal Cycles and Prolonged Darkness. Plant Cell 16: 3304-3325. 3.- CARILLO, P.; MASTROLONARDO, G.; NACCA, F. AND FUGGI A 2005. Nitrate reductase in durum wheat seedlings as affected by nitrate nutrition and salinity. Functional Plant Biology 32 (3), 209-219. 4.- LUNN J.E., FEIL R., HENDRIKS J.H.M., GIBON Y., MORCUENDE R., OSUNA D., SCHEIBLE W-R., CARILLO P., HAJIREZAEI M-R. AND STITT M. 2006 - Sugar-induced increases in trehalose 6-phosphate are correlated with redox activation of ADPglucose pyrophosphorylase and higher rates of starch synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Biochemical Journal 397: 139-148. 5.- DI MARTINO RIGANO V., VONA V., LOBOSCO O., CARILLO P., LUNN J.E., CARFAGNA S. ESPOSITO S., CAIAZZO M. AND RIGANO C. 2006 - Temperature dependence of nitrate reductase in the psychrophilic unicellular alga Koliella antarctica and mesophilic alga Chlorella sorokiniana. Plant, Cell and Environment 29: 1400-1409. 6.- MAGGIO A.; CARILLO P., BULMETTI G.S., FUGGI A., BARBIERI G., DE PASCALE S. 2008 Potato yield and metabolic profiling under conventional and organic farming. European Journal of Agronomy 28(3): 343-350. 7.- SIENKIEWICZ-PORZUCEK A., NUNES-NESI A., SULPICE R., LISEC J, CENTENO D.C., CARILLO P., LEISSE A., URBANCZYK-WOCHNIAK E., FERNIE A.R. 2008 Mild reductions in mitochondrial citrate synthase activity result in a compromised nitrate assimilation and reduced leaf pigmentation but have no effect on photosynthetic performance or growth. Plant Physiology 147: 115-127 doi:10.1104/pp.108.117978. 8.- CARILLO, P., MASTROLONARDO, G., NACCA, F., PARISI D., VERLOTTA A. AND FUGGI A. 2008 Nitrogen metabolism in durum wheat under salinity: accumulation of proline and glycine betaine. Functional Plant Biology 35 (5), 412-426. 9.- CARILLO P., CACACE D, DE ROSA M., DE MARTINO E., COZZOLINO C., NACCA F., D’ANTONIO R., FUGGI A. 2009 Process optimization and physicochemical characterization of potato powder Int. J. Food Sci. Technol. 44 (1), 145-151 10.- TSCHOEP H., GIBON Y., CARILLO P., ARMENGAUD P., SZECOWKA M., NUNES-NESI A., FERNIE A.R., KOEHL K. AND STITT M. 2009 Adjustment of Growth and Central Metabolism to a Mild but Sustained Nitrogen-Limitation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Environ 32 (3), 300-318. 11.- CARILLO P., COZZOLINO C., D’ABROSCA B., NACCA F., DELLAGRECA M., FIORENTINO A., FUGGI A. 2010 Effects of the allelochemicals dihydrodiconiferyl alcohol and lariciresinol on metabolism of Lactuca sativa . The Open Bioactive Compounds Journal. 3, 18-24. 12.- WOODROW P., PONTECORVO G., FANTACCIONE S., FUGGI A., KAFANTARIS I., PARISI D., CARILLO P. 2010 Polymorphism of a new Ty1-copia retrotransposon in durum wheat under salt and light stresses. Theor Appl Genet. 121(2), 311-22. 13. WOODROW P., PONTECORVO G., CIARMIELLO LF., FUGGI A., CARILLO P. 2010 Ttd1a promoter is involved in DNA-protein binding by salt and light stresses. Molecular Biology Reports (in press). DOI: 10.1007/s11033-010-0494-3. 14.- CARILLO P., PARISI D., WOODROW P., PONTECORVO G., MASSARO G., ANNUNZIATA MG., FUGGI A. (2010) Salt induced accumulation of glycine betaine is inhibited by high light in Durum wheat. Functional Plant Biology (accepted).

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