Zaharii Zakhariev

Having obtained his degree from Sofia University in 1969, Dr Zachary Todorov Zachariev subsequently went on to become a Doctor of Chemistry (1982) and Doctor of Sciences (2001). From 1989 to 2010 he held the post of Chief of Laboratories at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry during which time he published 51 scientific papers, 3 monographs, 133 citations and secured 12 patens. Dr Zachariev's reputation as a leading specialist in metallurgy has seen him lead and coordinate a number of high profile projects for several international projects, including being the leader on subject 05.06 “Powder Metallurgy” for the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA). As a fellow and member of the International Centre for Science & High Technology and ASM International Heat Treating Society, he remains one of the most respected and revered experts within this field, as testified by a wealth of scientific awards throughout is career, including Gold medal “Vermeil”, International Exhibition Switzerland’75, Gold medal from International Plovdiv Fair’ 87 (Bulgaria), Bronz medal from Exhibition “East-West Europe intellect”, Sofia 1998; and the Medal “Kurnakov” from Soviet Academy of Sciences.

Zaharii Zakhariev

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The book "Polycrystalline Materials - Theoretical and Practical Aspects" is focused on contemporary investigations of plastic deformation, strength and grain-scale approaches, methods of synthesis, structurals, properties, and application of some polycrystalline materials. It is intended for students, post-graduate students, and scientists in the field of polycrystalline materials.

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