Mukadder Mollaoğlu

Cumhuriyet University

Professor Dr. Mukadder Mollaoğlu is a member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Sivas Cumhuriyet University, Turkey. Her research interests are health promotion, care management in chronic diseases, quality of life, life satisfaction, home care, needs of caregivers, improving self-care activities in chronic diseases, self-efficacy, medicine, and nursing ethics. Her research studies have been published in many high-impact journals and have received numerous citations. She has also published several books and book chapters. Professor Mollaoğlu received two first prizes for her work on life satisfaction and home care in chronic diseases, one in Sweden (Malmö) and the other in France (Strasbourg). In addition, she received the Lütfi Abay Culture and Education Foundation (LAKEV) science award in 2020 for research in the field of health sciences.

Mukadder Mollaoğlu

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Effectively planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs can promote behavioral and social change, contribute to the elimination of health inequalities, and improve health outcomes. The health promotion examples in this book illustrate how people are affected by the cultural, social, and environmental factors in which they live. It also reveals that the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of target groups have an impact on health promotion.Health Promotion consists of two parts. In the first part, chapters examine the concept of health promotion and the current situation in health promotion. In the second part, chapters provide examples of health promotion in different countries and fields, as well as examples of health promotion practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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