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İzmir University of Economics Turkey

Dr. Bernur Acikgoz graduated from Ankara Finance Vocational High School in 1995, DEU Finance Department in 1999, DEU Financial Law (master) in 2001, and DEU Finance Department (Ph.D.) in 2006. She worked at King\'s College London, United Kingdom in 2000 and Harvard University, United States in 2006 as a visiting professor. In 2009-2010 she completed her post-doctorate degree in economics from Neuchatel University in Switzerland. She taught at Bern University in Switzerland during 2010-2011. In 2014 and 2015 she was a guest lecturer in France with LAMETA scholarship, in USA with Missouri University scholarship and in England with TUBITAK scholarship. Between 1996-2017 she worked at the Ministry of Finance and Celal Bayar University. Since 2017, she is a professor at Katip Celebi University and İzmir University of Economics in Izmir.

Bernur Açıkgöz

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To better understand the role and importance of government, it is important to try to comprehend all aspects of public economics and finance. This book covers many of these aspects and presents a core thesis that government is a fundamental instrument of the social welfare of communities. It provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of new era states, and answers the question, does the new era require new government policies? Over five chapters, authors from a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches cover topics such as welfare states and social policies, borrowing in the context of public debt theory, and new budgetary approaches. This volume is a valuable contribution to the field and will be appreciated by the global community of scholars.

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Public Economics and Finance Edited by Bernur Açıkgöz

Public Economics and Finance

Edited by Bernur Açıkgöz