Cristian Ravariu

Polytechnic University of Bucharest Romania

Cristian Ravariu is full Professor at \Politehnica\ University of Bucharest,Romania, Electronic Device and Circuits Department. He received the B.S.(\'93), Ph.D (\'01), PostDoc (\'12) degrees, with specialization stages  at Federal Institute of Technology from Lausanne Switzerland, Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems Toulouse France, and Faculty of Bioengineering from Patras, Greece. He published more than 150 articles, 5 books, 3 chapters. Now he is interested in electron devices, nanoelectronics, green semiconductors and bioengineering. Dr. Ravariu is the current Chairman of the joint Romanian IEEE Chapters of Solid-State Circuits & Electron Devices. Romanian Academy awarded his book from 2010: C. Ravariu - Electronics biodevices: from nanostructures to medical applications. He patented the NOI nanotransistor (Nothing On Insulator) and an integrated biosensor technology.

Cristian Ravariu

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The Green Electronics book is intended to stimulate people's thinking toward the new concepts of an environment-friendly electronics - the main challenge in the future. The book offers multiple solutions to push the classical electronic industry toward green concepts, aided by nanotechnologies, with revolutionary features that provide low power consumption in electronics, use biomaterials for integrated structures, and include environmental monitoring tools. Based on organic semiconductors/insulators without toxic precursors, green electronic technologies launched promising devices like OLED, OTFT, or nano-core-shell transistors. The Green Electronics book successfully presents the recent directions collected worldwide and leaves free space for continuing year by year with new subtopics.

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