Jafri Abdullah

Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia

A neuroscientist and neurosurgeon trying to set up a Noah\'s Ark for Neurosciences in the Universiti Sains Malaysia aka neurogardener.I am also a Fellow of the Academy of Science of Malaysia,My favourite books are The Art of War\' by Sun Tze, \'Lateral Thinking\' by Edward de Bono, and \'Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite\' by Paul Arden. Research Fellowships Sept 1994 till Dec 1994:Research Fellow in Neurophysiology,Dept of Neurology, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium (Prof Jacques De Reuk) Dec 1994 till May1995:Research Fellow in Stereotactic ,Functional Neurosurgery, Dept ,Karolinska University Hospital , Stockholm, Sweden (Prof Bjorn Meyerson) Professional Experience 1989-1995 Resident in Neurosurgery and Phd student, University of Ghent, Belgium 1997-2004 Associate Professor and Head of Neuroscience Unit, School of Medical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia 1999 Young National Malaysian Scientist Award 2004-today Professor in Neurosciences VK6, Head of Department, Department of Neurosciences , School of Medical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia 2001 till today Coordinator of Master of Surgery(Neurosurgery) USM training programme 2007 till today Second Coordinator of Advance Masters of Neurology,USM 2004 till today Coodinator of the Masters of Neurosciences and Phd programmes in Neurosciences,Med School,USM 2007 till today Head of Brain Science Cluster Research,School of Medical Sciences,USM 2007 Committee Member, NeuroScience Programme Network,International Brain Research Organization 2009 Fellow Academy of Science, Malaysia (Neurosciences) 2009 President,Society for Neurosciences,USA (Malaysian Chapter) 2009 President Medical School Alumni Graduates USM

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