Maddalena Mognato

University of Padova

Maddalena Mognato is an assistant professor in Cell Biology with a Ph.D in Environmental Medicine. Her research activity is focused on cytotoxic and genotoxic effects induced by physical and chemical agents in human cells, both primary and tumoral. Several years ago she started studying the DNA-Damage Response (DDR) to ionizing radiation, focusing on microRNA/mRNA expression profiling and the repair of DNA double-strand breaks. She is currently engaged in research projects for the functional validation of miRNAs targeting genes of DNA double-strand break repair to sensitize radioresistant cancer cells, and for the definition of genetic profiling for individual radiation sensitivity. She have collaborated on projects funded by the European Union and studied the cytotoxic effects of silica nanoparticles and the biological properties of nanosystems formuled to improve the selectivity/efficacy of antitumoral therapy.

Maddalena Mognato

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This book offers a collection of chapters addressing different studies on DNA repair from a cellular and molecular point of view. The various contributions highlight the vastness of DNA repair process and the need for a deeper understanding. To this end, the recent considerations here presented can be a cue for scientists and students working on, or interested in, the subject of DNA repair in human cells. This book may suggest to readers new avenues of interplay between different kinds of DNA damage and cellular response for maintaining nuclear and mitochondrial genomic stability.

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