Putu Artawan

Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha Indonesia

Putu Artawan. Was born in Seririt, Bali, Indonesia on 20 December 1979. Following elementary school until senior high school in Seririt Bali. He was graduated (S.Pd) at IKIP Negeri Singaraja, Bali Indonesia in Physics Education programme on 2002. And, was graduated in Master Programme (M.Si) at ITS Surabaya, Indonesia in Optoelectronics field, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences on 2011. Now, he has graduated in Doctoral programme at Physics Departement, Faculty of Science ITS Surabaya, Indonesia in Antenna Design and its application in communications systems specifically. The author is a lecturer in Physics Department, Math and Science Faculty, Ganesha University of Education, Bali Indonesia since 2006. Now, this the author as a doctoral student in Physics Department, Faculty of Science, ITS Surabaya Indonesia. Besides teaching the author is activelly involved in some researches, especially in applied physics field. The author also advises schools/students in physics olympiads preparation.

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