Miklos Garami

Semmelweis University Hungary

Dr. Miklós Garami, MD., MSc., PhD.; received his MD, Ph.D. and M.Sc. at Semmelweis Medical University (Budapest, Hungary) in 1991.; 2005. and 2007. He also received his Habilitation from Semmelweis Medical University (Budapest, Hungary) in 2010. Currently he is Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Head of Hungarian Pediatric Cancer Registry; Head of Unit of Pediatric Oncology and Deputy Chairman of 2nd Department of Pediatric, Semmelweis University. Dr. Miklós Garami was awarded by Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Postdoctoral Fellowship Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) in 1991-1992 and by American Heart Association (Postdoctoral Fellowship University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), California, USA) in 1992-1995. Current research activities include: Pediatric oncology, investigating gene expression profiles in pediatric malignancies (CNS tumors, NBL, Ewing sc.), information systems on microcomputers. He is the author of approximately 70 scientific papers, 9 books / chapters.

2books edited

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Management of CNS Tumors is a selected review of Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors with particular emphasis on pathological classification and complex treatment algorithms for each common tumor type. Additional detailed information is provided on selected CNS tumor associated disorders.

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