Mahmoud Ghorbani

Mr. Mahmoud Ghorbani is currently Product/Process Development Scientist as well as the founder of the Partak Food Innovation Group, Esfahan, Iran. In his current position, he has developed understanding and technical skills in relation to product formulation, industrial processes and manufacturing practice preferred in-depth knowledge on functional ingredients. Prior to this he was as investigator in food innovation and research who pro-actively looked for opportunities to innovate via development and introduction of new process/ technologies. His previous professional experience includes taking the numbers online courses of Functional Food Institute/Center and affiliating to Academic Society for Functional Foods & Bioactive Compounds, Dallas, TX, USA. His primary research areas of interest includes forefront in the dissemination of knowledge about Innovation/Renovation and Productivity, Developed New Functional Food & Nutraceuticals Products and Valorization of Food Processing By-Products, as well as he has been recommended by the Chair of the Food Technology-2019, Professor Luis Gonzalez Vaque as a Young Researchers Forum to deliver a talk entitled “Functional Drinks Containing Soluble Fibre and Prebiotices as a Low Calorie Drink” at Food Technology-2019, Barcelona, Spain. He completed his B.A in Food Science & Technology at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources in 2013.

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