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Associate professor Jaouad Bouayed was born in 1977 in Oujda, in Morocco. He is exerting teaching and research activities in Lorraine University in Metz. He has defended his Ph.D. speciality “Phytochemistry and Pharmacology” the 29th October 2007 at Paul Verlaine - Metz University, France. Afterwards, he was a postdoctoral researcher, in which the last position was realized in Luxembourg under the supervision of Dr. Torsten BOHN to investigate the effects of simulated gastric and intestinal digestion on the release of antioxidants from apple food matrix. During this period, Bouayed & Bohn have decided to edit the book “Nutrition, Well-Being and Health”, compelling the most recent evidence and state of the art in the relation of bioactive food ingredients and their potential to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, especially with respect to prevention. Jaouad Bouayed has published more than 30 peer reviewed journals including reviews and chapters in books. He is also an ad hoc reviewer in several international journals. The Bouayed’s current fields of interests are the relationship between behaviour and cognitive function, and oxidative stress, as well as the impact of antioxidants or dietary contaminants on these conditions using mouse model, at different stages of live including juvenile, adult and old ages.

Jaouad Bouayed

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In our modern society, expectations are high, also with respect to our daily diet. In addition to being merely "nutritious", i.e. supplying a variety of essential nutrients, including macro-nutrients such as proteins or micro-nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, it is almost expected that a good diet offers further advantages - especially well-being and health and the prevention of chronic diseases, which are, as we generally tend to grow older and older, becoming a burden to enjoying private life and to the entire society. These additional qualities are often sought in diets rich also in non-nutritive components, such as phytochemicals. In contrast to drugs, which are taken especially to cure or ameliorate diseases, it is expected that a healthy diet acts in particular on the side of prevention, allowing us to become old without feeling old. In the present book, rather then trying to give an exhaustive overview on nutritional aspects and their link to well-being and health, selected topics have been chosen, intended to address presently discussed key issues of nutrition for health, presenting a reasonable selection of the manifold topics around diet, well-being, and health: from the antioxidants polyphenols and carotenoids, aroma-active terpenoids, to calcium for bone health, back to traditional Chinese Medicine.

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