Tommy Dang

Texas Tech University

Tommy Dang is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Texas Tech University where he directs the interactive Data Visualization Lab (iDVL). The mainstream of his research is on visual features (or Scagnostics) for analyzing the pairwise correlation of multivariate data. Working directly with these measures, his research was able to locate anomalous or interesting subsets of variables/sub-series for massive, dynamic, and high dimensional data in scientific and social applications. He also has special interests and skills in 3D modeling, computer animation, and virtual reality. Dr. Dang has previously been a post-doc on a DARPA-funded project on biological network visualization at the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago which focuses on advanced virtual reality, notably the CAVE2™ hybrid reality environment and the SAGE2™ scalable amplified group environment.

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