Ahmed Lasfar

Rutgers University

Dr. Ahmed Lasfar is a member of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Principal Investigator and a faculty member at Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University, New Jersey. Dr. Lasfar laboratory focuses on Interferon, Cancer and Immunology. Dr. Lasfar serves as Editor of several international journals and books. He is a Board member and Reviewer of many journals and foundations. He also serves as a Scientific Adviser for pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Lasfar graduated in France from Paris Rene Descartes University on medical and applied science. He completed his doctoral studies in Immunology at Paris Diderot University in a joint program with Pasteur Institute and his postdoctoral training in cancer immunology with Dr. Sidney Pestka at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Jersey.

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This book offers remarkable coverage of liver cancer from etiology to prevention and treatment. It provides an updated and new vision of this major cancer that continues to affect hundreds of thousands of people and remains one of the leading causes of cancer deaths around the world. To ensure the high quality of this book, important insights are included and rigorously discussed in a simple and authentic way. The book includes detailed and updated descriptions of the main causes of liver cancer and also the prevention and treatment of this disease. This book is a relevant source of knowledge, very useful for researchers, medical doctors, medical residents, students, healthcare providers, public health decision makers, and all individuals interested in the prevention of this disease.

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