Touseef Para

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India

Touseef Para, with a Master's, M. Phil, and Ph.D. in Physics, is a distinguished researcher and educator. Published in various reputed international journals, he brings extensive teaching experience across undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. A recipient of the Young Scientist Award, Para has contributed to reputable Indian research institutes like UGC DAE CSR Indore, NCL Pune, IIT Bombay, NPL Delhi, IIT ISM Dhanbad. His expertise spans Crystallography, XRD, Rietveld refinement, XPS, Raman, IR, UV Vis spectroscopies, solar cells, and Na-ion batteries. Currently focused on upscaling Na-ion battery manufacturing, Para is not only a dedicated scientist but also a proud son, husband, and father.

Touseef Para

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