Zlatan Delic

University of Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zlatan Delić was born in 1965 in Sarajevo, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has received his master’s degree at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He has received his PhD degree at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo. He has written over 20 scientific papers and many chapters in various books. His scientific interests in the past several years include sociology of knowledge, discursive foundations of ideology, social epistemology, postwar violence, victimology, and methodology. In the past couple of years, he has been in institutional analysis of discursive practices of public denial of the genocide that occurred during the Great War against Bosnia in the past decade of the twentieth century. He teaches courses from the field of sociology at the integrated University of Tuzla.

Zlatan Delic

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This book consists of seven chapters containing multiple questions of the global socially epistemological situation in science and higher education. Despite the progress of techno-sciences, we are facing blind flaws in leading systems of knowledge and perception. The global era, in a paradox way, connects the new knowledge of economics, postpolitics, postdemocracy, and biopolitical regulation of live and unpresentable forms of the global geo-located violence. Techno-optimism and techno-dictatorship in the twenty-first century coincide with the ideology of market, biopolitics of mandatory satisfaction, religious revivalism, and collapse of higher education. In order for sciences to recover, it is necessary to make a globally epistemological and moral turn toward the truth. The book shows that, when joint desires of the new economics of knowledge and technology erase epistemology (in a way to assign definitions of knowledge and rules and practices of the public usage of the mind), then the time for epistemology is on its way.

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Epistemology and Transformation of Knowledge in Global Age IntechOpen
Epistemology and Transformation of Know... Edited by Zlatan Delic

Epistemology and Transformation of Knowledge in Global Age

Edited by Zlatan Delic

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Globalization and Responsibility IntechOpen
Globalization and Responsibility Edited by Zlatan Delic

Globalization and Responsibility

Edited by Zlatan Delic