Vladimir V. Kalinin

Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry - the branch of Serbsky's National Center of Psychiatry and Narcology of Ministry of Health

Vladimir V. Kalinin was born in1952 into a family of physicians in Orenburg (Russian Federation). He obtained an MD from Moscow State Medical Stomatological University in 1976. In 1976-1977 he completed an internship in Psychiatry. In 1978 he became a scientific researcher at Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry of Ministry of Health and Social Development where he is currently the department head. His scientific interests concern a broad range of psychiatry problems. The topic of his doctoral thesis in 1996 was the psychopathology and therapy of anxiety disorders with an emphasis on panic disorder. Prof. Kalinin has authored 228 publications, including research articles in professional journals (in Russian and English), three monographs in Russian, and four monographs in English.

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Anxiety is a widespread and universal problem with significant adverse effects on mental health and quality of life. This book examines the phenomenology, psychopathology, and biological mechanisms of anxiety disorders. Over three sections, the book examines various social and clinical aspects of anxiety as well as neurobiological data and pathogenesis of anxiety disorders such as Capgras syndrome and de Clerambault’s syndrome. It also presents results of immunological and neurochemical studies of some anxiety states.

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