Hassan M. Heshmati

Endocrinology Metabolism Consulting, LLC, Anthem, AZ, USA

Dr. Hassan Massoud Heshmati is an endocrinologist with 46 years of experience in clinical research in academia (university-affiliated hospitals, Paris, France; Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN, USA) and pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi, Malvern, PA, USA; Essentialis, Carlsbad, CA, USA; Gelesis, Boston, MA, USA). His research activity focuses on pituitary tumors, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity. He has extensive knowledge in the development of anti-obesity products. Dr. Heshmati is the author of 309 abstracts, chapters, and articles related to endocrinology and metabolism. He is currently a consultant at Endocrinology Metabolism Consulting, LLC, Anthem, AZ, USA.

Hassan M. Heshmati

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The physiological or pathological variations in the amount or mass of each component of body weight can lead to an increase or a decrease in total body weight, with a potential risk of increased morbidity and mortality. This book presents an overview of current knowledge about different types of body weight changes, with a special emphasis on obesity.

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