Paritosh Bhattacharya

Dr. Paritosh Bhattacharya is presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Basic Science and Humanities, College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat, India. His eleven years of experience in higher education include his positions as a faculty member, reviewer, academic counselor, academic guide and member of academic societies. He obtained his Ph.D. (Engg) and M.Tech from Jadavpur University. He has published more than 25 papers in national and international journals and conferences. His present area of research includes wind energy, I.C. engine muffler and wave equation.

Paritosh Bhattacharya

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The book "Wind Energy Management" is a required part of pursuing research work in the field of Renewable Energy at most universities. It provides in-depth knowledge to the subject for the beginners and stimulates further interest in the topic. The salient features of this book include: - Strong coverage of key topics - User friendly and accessible presentation to make learning interesting as much as possible - Its approach is explanatory and language is lucid and communicable - Recent research papers are incorporated

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