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Professor Dr. Dragica Minic, married Popovic, was born in the town of Brus at the foot of the Kopaonik mountain area. There she completed her high school education and began her career as a professor of science at Brus Gymnasium and continued at the Belgrade University, Faculty for Physical Chemistry, having passed all titles from assistant to full professor, lecturing different courses in physical chemistry. During the rich pedagogical work, she mentored more than hundred graduates, around thirty master and twenty PhD students. She published more than 160 scientific papers (140 belong to the SCI list) and took part in more than 200 national and international scientific conferences. She wrote several university books, chapters in scientific editions of international significance, and scientific monographs. Dr. Minic continued working actively in science even after retirement in 2016.

Dragica Minić

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The term "metallic glasses" is widely used to denote the amorphous alloys obtained by rapid quenching techniques. These materials are characterized by short range atom ordering without translational periodicity of the structure. Kinetic and thermodynamic metastability is one of the main characteristics generally related to metallic glasses, while their thermally induced microstructural transformations could result in deterioration or improvement of the functional properties. Due to their favorable magnetic, electrical, mechanical, and anti-corrosion properties, metallic glasses as new and attractive materials have found application in many areas of modern industries - electronics, construction industry, aerospace industry; as well as chemistry, biomedicine, and surgery.

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