Riadh Marzouki

King Khalid University

Riadh Marzouki is Assistant Professor in International Cooperation between the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences at King Khalid University (Saudi Arabia) and the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Sfax (Tunisia); and Researcher in the Laboratory of Materials and Crystallography of the University of Tunis El-Manar (Tunisia). His research activities include investigating the synthesis, crystal structure, electrical properties, and biological activities of new crystalline materials. He is also the author and the co-author of forty scintific articles, four book chapters, and three book editions.

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New crystalline materials (organic, inorganic, hybrid) are promising for various applications, including electrical, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, magnetic, and catalytic processes. In addition, given their remarkable structural richness, these materials exhibit several interesting physical properties, such as ionic conduction, ion exchange, and others. Crystal growth, morphology, and grain size are factors influencing these physical properties. This book examines methods of synthesis of the most common crystalline materials and describes nucleation and crystal growth of various materials.

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