Snežana Jovanović-Ćupić

University of Belgrade Serbia

Snežana Jovanović-Ćupić is research assistant professor in the Institute for Nuclear Sciences - Vinča, the University of Belgrade in Belgrade. Snežana Jovanović-Ćupić received her Ph.D. of Biological Sciences at the Faculty of Biology, the University of Belgrade in 2012. Her research area includes: molecular biology of hepatitis C virus (HCV); genetic variability in HCV and its role in antiviral treatment response; host resistance to HCV infection and influence of immune response to therapy outcome; association of hepatitis C virus with hepatocellular carcinoma (including epigenetic background - DNA methylation and micro RNA expression). Snežana Jovanović-Ćupić has published many research articles in peer-reviewed international journals.

Snežana Jovanović-Ćupić

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This book contains information on various virus families, with the focus on viruses causing prevalent infections in parts of developing countries in Africa and Asia. Viral proteins play an important role in their replication and infection potential, and are the main candidates for antiviral therapy and vaccines. While some antiviral vaccines are available for quite some time (e.g. MMR), there are regions in the world still struggling with some infections. This is especially the problem in regions where the morbidity rate from viral infections among young children is high. This situation requires urgent measures to put infections under control.

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