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University of Colorado Health United States of America

Dr. Diane Irvine Duncan is a US-based board-certified plastic surgeon known for research and international education. She has published frequently in peer-reviewed journals, books, and video format. She is on the editorial board of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and reviews for LMS and JCD. Dr. Duncan is a coordinator for the Lasers and EBD alert section and a member of the IMCAS faculty. She has recently completed a BBC documentary and has participated in and moderated many educational panels and webinars. Her current area of focus is regenerative modalities for the treatment of skin and soft tissue, including reversal of age-related sarcopenia.

Diane Irvine Duncan

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Liposuction began as a simple, minimally invasive method of reducing the amount of localized fat in a region. Today it is a sophisticated and complex process, with many variations in purpose and technique. In this book, a global slate of expert surgeons offers a detailed description of various minimally invasive and non-invasive options for contouring the face, neck, and body. Chapters detail the evolution and utilization of various energy-based devices and combination treatments. They also describe procedure limitations and treatment of complications. Finally, they discuss indications for various approaches with case study descriptions so readers might be assisted with treating patients in their everyday practice.

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