Yan Li

Northeast Agricultural University

Dr. Yan Li is a professor at the Engineering College, Northeast Agricultural University, China. He has more than fifteen years of research and teaching experience. His research interests include energy engineering, agricultural engineering, and mechanical engineering. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in new energy, fluid dynamics, and wind energy engineering. His current research focus is renewable energy, especially wind energy. He has more than fifty publications on wind turbines, wind turbine icing, and anti-icing technology to his credit. Dr. Li is a member of the Chinese Aerodynamics Research Society, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, and Chinese Wind Energy Association.

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Rotating machines are some of the most widely used machines and their application in the field of new and renewable energy is an important development. This book presents recent research and discusses the technological development of rotating machines, including different types of wind, pump, and gas turbines. It also examines environmental impacts on rotating machines, particularly the effects of icing on the surface of wind turbine blades. It includes research on static and dynamic structural analysis, rotor aerodynamics characteristics, signal analysis, energy conversion, and exergy. It also presents the latest research on theoretical analysis, numerical simulation, and experiment technology for improving the performance and optimizing the structure of rotating machines.

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