Meng Gong

University of New BrunswickCanada

Dr. Meng Gong is the leading researcher and director of the Wood Science and Technology Centre (WSTC), the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada. He received his Master’s degree in wood technology and Ph.D. in wood engineering from Nanjing Forestry University (China) and UNB, respectively. He worked, as a JSPS post-doctoral fellow, in the Wood Research Institute, Kyoto University (Japan). He has published more than 150 referred journal and conference papers on wood technology and engineering, numerous industry-oriented technical reports, and co-authored the book “Fracture and Fatigue in Wood” published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., and authored the book chapter "Lumber-based Mass Timber Products in Construction" published by IntechOpen. Dr. Gong leads research on wood quality, wood modification and engineered wood products in the WSTC. He dedicates himself to R&D of modified wood and engineered wood products and their uses in construction. Dr. Gong is a voting member of the Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation, National Research Council, Canada, and a fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science.

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