Amira Ziadi

University of Tsukuba Japan

Amira Ziadi Gasmi I am a hydraulic engineer and currently, is a PhD student at the Laboratory Research of Sciences and Water Technology LRSTE in the National Institute of Agronomy of Tunis, Tunisia INAT. I did my research in Hydrogeology, Geophysics, geological and hydrogeological modelling and Geochemistry. I focus on studying the extent and effects of seawater intrusion SWI on ecosystem and groundwater in coastal aquifer of Lebna plain, Cap Bon, Northeastern of Tunisia (geology, dam-river-sea and shallow aquifer interactions, water quality, geochemistry, and Hydrogeology). I am an expert user in TDEM and SYSCAL RII geophysical methods. I am an expert user of Rockworks software, Feflow, Surfer, ArcGIS and other models.

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