Marko Sabovljević

University of Belgrade Serbia

Marko S. Sabovljevic (1974) is a bryophyte biologist. He is a teacher in Dr. Marko S. Sabovljević is a biologist with a master’s degree in Biology from the University of Belgrade, Serbia (2003) and a doctoral degree from the University of Bonn, Germany (2006). His research is dedicated to various aspects of bryophyte biology, and he has published his research in nearly 500 peer-reviewed articles. He has also authored or coauthored 11 book chapters, 189 communications, and several university and academic textbooks and monographs. He is a peer reviewer, coeditor and editorial board member for many international journals and is Editor-in-Chief of Botanica Serbica. Currently, Dr. Sabovljević is a fulltime professor of Ecology, Biogeography and Environmental Sciences in the Department of Plant Ecology and Phytogeography, Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Marko Sabovljević

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Bryophytes, a group of plants present in all terrestrial biomes of the Earth, play a significant role in ecosystems and have potential use in many life domains. They can be used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and healthcare domains and can help to improve air quality, create bio-repellents and bio-pesticides, and help cure both human and animal diseases. This book discusses novel aspects of fundamental and applicative bryophyte biology.

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