Jean-Claude Laguerre

UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute

Jean-Claude Laguerre has been working as faculty at UniLaSalle since 1991. He obtained his PhD diploma in Process Engineering (1991) from ENSIA of Massy, France (currently AgroParisTech). From 1995 he has been the coordinator of the specialty «Industrial organization in the agro-food industry,» which is dedicated to fifth year agroindustry students at UniLaSalle. He teaches various courses in the field of agro-food processes (i.e. food process basics, unit operations, product design, experimental design, and process optimization). He is a member of the research unit «Transformation and Agro-resources» at UniLaSalle. His research activities focus on thermal and microwave processes (drying, cooking, pasteurization, and sterilization). He has participated in several European research programs as task manager or scientific leader. He regularly collaborates with food companies by helping them to develop and/or optimize their processes. He is co-author of 19 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and 19 papers presented at international conferences. To date he has supervised or co-supervised two postdoctoral fellows, three PhD students, as well as 10 MSc students.