Matthew Reyes

University of Michigan

Dr. Reyes received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2011, performing research into data compression and processing of Gibbs fields. From 2010 through 2014, Dr. Reyes worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, on problems ranging from tracking, multi-sensor fusion, simulation, and data analysis. Since 2015, Dr. Reyes has worked as an Independent Researcher and Consultant. He is interested in modeling decision-making on social networks and applying his background in data analysis and simulation to marketing analytics. For example, under a random utility logit model of consumer choice, decision-making on a social network can be modeled as Glauber dynamics. Dr. Reyes is interested in incorporating more realistic models of consumer choice into models of dynamic decision-making on a social network, and using such dynamics models to mine social media and guide marketing resource allocation.

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This Edited Volume "Consumer Behavior and Marketing" is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters, offering a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of psychology. The book comprises single chapters authored by various researchers and edited by an expert active in the research area. All chapters are complete in itself but united under a common research study topic. This publication aims at providing a thorough overview of the latest research efforts by international authors and open new possible research paths for further novel developments.

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