Nobanathi Wendy Maxakato

University of Johannesburg

Dr. Maxakato is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Johannesburg in the Department of Applied Chemistry. Her research field is Electrochemistry with a special interest in Fuel Cells. Her other fields of expertise are Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

Nobanathi Wendy Maxakato

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Voltammetry is a very important electrochemical technique that is used to study electrode surface reactions. It helps scientists to understand the behavior of electrochemically active species and the performance of the material being investigated. Voltammetry is commonly used in different fields ranging from energy, sensing, and corrosion applications. It is mainly performed to acquire qualitative information about electrochemical reactions. The interpretation of voltammetric results differs from application to application. In this text, the fundamentals and theories of voltammetry are covered. This book aims at providing interpretations of voltammetric techniques as they are applied in different fields. The various types of voltammetry are covered, and the significance of each type is explained. The topic covered in this book include interpretation of voltammetry in energy, corrosion and sensing applications.

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