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Dr Ali Soofastaei is a Research Developer at the Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence at Vale. He uses innovative models based on artificial intelligence (AI) methods to improve safety, productivity and energy efficiency, and to reduce maintenance costs. Dr Soofastaei completed his PhD at the University of Queensland in the field of AI applications in mining engineering where he led a revolution in the use of deep learning and AI methods to increase energy efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in surface mines. In the past 15 years, he has conducted a variety of research studies in academic and industrial environments. He has been involved in industrial research and development projects in several industries including oil and gas (Royal Dutch Shell); steel (Danieli); and mining (BHP, Rio Tinto, and Vale).

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Computers and machines were developed to reduce time consumption and manual human efforts to complete projects efficiently. With fast-growing technologies in the field, we have finally reached a stage where almost everyone in the world has access to these high technologies. However, this is just a starting phase because future development is taking a more advanced route in the shape of artificial intelligence (AI). Although AI is under the computer science umbrella, nowadays there is no field unaffected by this high technology. The overall aim of using intelligence learning methods is to train machines to think intelligently and make decisions in different situations the same as humans. Previously, machines were doing what they were programmed to do, but now with AI, devices can think and behave like a human being. This book aims to present the application of advanced analytics and AI in different industries as practical tools to develop prediction, optimization, and make decision models.

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