Marquidia Pacheco

Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares

Master\'s and PhD in Physics and Plasma Engineering at the Paul Sabatier University, France, Postdoctoral position in cars exhaust treatment by plasma at the Institut Supérieur de L\'Automobile et des Transports, Nevers, France. One book, three national and international patents, two book chapters, five national awards, direction of 15 national and international projects, supervision of 36 undergraduate and graduate students, publication in 48 international journals with 367 citations, h-index = 8. Participation in 140 congresses and organization of 4 national and international congresses. Reviewer of national and international magazines and congresses, 15 invited conferences and founder of Sembrando ConCiencias to involve women and kids in science.

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The aim of this book is to compile some of the green technologies applied to improve the environment on Earth. The success of these technologies is built from humility; from this ethical principle, the concept of honest broker is defined in this work. Some of the biggest environmental problems, such as soil pollution by heavy metals and pollution from the mining industry and massive coal plants, are also addressed. Additional subjects depicted here include geothermal energy, plasma technology, and the correct use of electric vehicles, and demonstrate a promising scenario to diminish greenhouse gases. Likewise, caring for wildlife is essential; the correct use of certain technologies depicted here can contribute to their conservation.

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