Carlos C. Perez-Marin

University of Córdoba Spain

Carlos C. Perez-Marin was born in Cordoba (Spain), where he obtained the veterinary degree. In 1996 he was Master in Equine Science and obtained the doctor´s degree in January 2001. He works as teacher in the University of Cordoba (Spain) since 1997 in the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery. His teaching and research interests are in Animal Reproduction, with special reference to equine and bovine embryo transfer and preservation, cryopreservation of feline semen and estrous control in small ruminant. He is involved in providing a clinical service in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Cordoba and collaborates with some external veterinarian teams. Drawing on his clinical background, Dr. Perez-Marin also coordinates the veterinary students\' clinical extramural placements, where students gain experience with veterinary practitioners.

Carlos C. Perez-Marin

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Veterinary medicine is advancing at a very rapid pace, particularly given the breadth of the discipline. This book examines new developments covering a wide range of issues from health and welfare in livestock, pets, and wild animals to public health supervision and biomedical research. As well as containing reviews offering fresh insight into specific issues, this book includes a selection of scientific articles which help to chart the advance of this science. The book is divided into several sections. The opening chapters cover the veterinary profession and veterinary science in general, while later chapters look at specific aspects of applied veterinary medicine in pets and in livestock. Finally, research papers are grouped by specialisms with a view to exploring progress in areas such as organ transplantation, therapeutic use of natural substances, and the use of new diagnostic techniques for disease control. This book was produced during World Veterinary Year 2011, which marked the 250th anniversary of the veterinary profession. It provides a fittingly concise and enjoyable overview of the whole science of veterinary medicine.

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