Fernanda Barbisan

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria Brazil

She holds a bachelor\'s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Western Santa Catarina (2010), a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Federal University of Santa Maria. Collaborator at the Open University of the Third Age - UEA, where she works as a researcher in projects relating genetic-environmental interactions that act on human aging and diseases associated with aging. In the Laboratory of Biogenomics, it carries out research in the areas of cellular aging and immunosenescence, toxicogenética, nutrigenética and pharmacogenetics, involving tests of modulation of oxidative stress, apoptotic and inflammatory cascade by toxic agents, functional foods and pharmacies. Has experience with molecular biology techniques for the evaluation of genetic variability, genetic polymorphisms, Real Time PCR, DNA damage, epigenetics, in addition to cell culture and biochemical, spectrophotometric and fluorimetric analyzes. Participation in phase I clinical trials, with the use of the drug rosuvastatin !! Experience in the design and execution of studies with humans, mainly with the elderly. Experience in the executive coordination of Research Laboratory and as assistant professor for graduation and currently is executive editor of the Amazonian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Currently post doctorate in gerontology edp PNPD at the Federal University of Santa Maria

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