Houssem Abdellatif

Leibniz University of Applied Sciences Germany

Dr. Houssem Abdellatif has joined TÜV SÜD in December 2016, as global head of autonomous driving and ADAS. ​The topics of his work are the effectiveness assessment of automated driving systems and connected vehicles. It includes the functional safety and cyber security. His team is globally acting, in Germany, Europe and Asia pacific. ​ Dr. Abdellatif is a system engineer and holds phd in intelligent and control systems from the university of Hannover, Germany. Prior to TÜV Süd he has occupied different responsibilities with different automotive supplier and IT companies

Houssem Abdellatif

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Without a doubt, robotics has made an incredible progress over the last decades. The vision of developing, designing and creating technical systems that help humans to achieve hard and complex tasks, has intelligently led to an incredible variety of solutions. There are barely technical fields that could exhibit more interdisciplinary interconnections like robotics. This fact is generated by highly complex challenges imposed by robotic systems, especially the requirement on intelligent and autonomous operation. This book tries to give an insight into the evolutionary process that takes place in robotics. It provides articles covering a wide range of this exciting area. The progress of technical challenges and concepts may illuminate the relationship between developments that seem to be completely different at first sight. The robotics remains an exciting scientific and engineering field. The community looks optimistically ahead and also looks forward for the future challenges and new development.

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