Man-Gui Han

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Dr. Man-Gui Han obtained his PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University (USA) in 2004. Currently, he is a professor in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He is also one of the journal editors of IEEE Transaction on Magnetics starting from 2012. Up to now, he has published more than 90 peer-reviewed journals papers in the fields of magnetic materials with especial interests in the high frequency properties and applications of magnetic materials. One of his research interests is to employ the Mössbauer spectroscopy to study magnetic materials. He has established his academic reputation by following academic contributions: 1) Found a new giant magnetostrictive effect in Gd5(Si2Ge2); 2) Enable u\" < 0 under spin transfer torque effect; 3) Explain the dispersion of magnetic permeability based on the distribution of localized magnetic anisotropic field. 4) Enable THz permeability of L10-FePt, SmCo5, Mn-Al, Nd-Fe-B. 5) Controlling microwave magnetic losses by spin transfer torque effect. He has given several invited talks in the international conferences in Germany, Russia, United Kingdoms and China.

Man-Gui Han

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Electromagnetic materials can be widely found in daily life, especially in electronic devices. The high-frequency properties (permittivity or permeability) of these materials strongly depend on structure, composition, shape, and orientation. Therefore, this book intends to present readers with advances not only in materials science (including metamaterials), but also in measurements and novel functional applications that demand the special properties of electromagnetic materials.

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